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- Jon, Micaja I.T.S.


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Jamerson was looking at new ways to make their business more collaborative, streamlined and efficient. Their challenge was finding a solution to work the way they worked and keep them organized. The simplicity of SherpaDesk, the ease of use for their clients to create support tickets and the deep integration into FreshBooks allowed them to do this with one complete solution.

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SherpaDesk Tote allows you to provide awesome customer support away from your desk while you are out in the field. The mobile application allows you flexibility to create new tickets, track time, send invoices and close out requests all from your smart phone

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Letter From Patrick

CEO, SherpaDesk

By now I hope you got at least a snapshot of what SherpaDesk is all about and what we are trying to do to help the IT support community. Jon and I started our first IT company as a network integration and support organization. We were providing IT services to government and small businesses that needed some level of managed services. As our business grew, we needed a support solution that would not only help us track customer requests, but also allow us to keep up accurate time logs and get invoices out quickly.

We couldn’t find anything out there that catered specifically to personal service firms that need to track support, log time and then get an itemized invoice to our customers. We just knew there had to be a better way than trying to mash up a bunch of different systems. This is why we felt there was such a demand for SherpaDesk. The main reason was because we needed it ourselves!

SherpaDesk is a simple and powerful tool that helps growing IT businesses easily manage their customer’s relationship. We developed it with direct feedback from like-minded support organizations with the sole purpose of providing awesome support.

Simple, easy to try out and affordable were some of the main guidelines we followed so that we could allow all small to medium sized companies to give SherpaDesk a try. Even though we no longer provide IT support services, we still identify with their needs. We are excited about our progress with SherpaDesk to date and look forward to continually working with our amazing customers to build the solution they need.

If you haven’t tried it out, go for it. It’s free to use. For some smaller companies it’s free to use for life! It is way more important for us to get you a solution that works for you the way you need it to work then have you buy something that only ‘sort of’ works.

Thanks again for giving us a look!

patrick clements

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