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A Little #SherpaUpdate


We have made some small changes within the SherpaDesk world. Lets go over what happened in this weekends #sherpaupdate. We have added a really cool full page drag and drop feature, improved the ability to bulk close related tickets, implemented the creation … Continued

Chrome Extension Love

Front Page

We are always looking for bigger and better ways to help our customer provide their customers with an awesome support experience. One of the tools we are playing with is Chrome extensions.   SherpaDesk extension is a simple tool you … Continued

Being Young & Loving Customer Support


  I’m 21 and I enjoy customer support.   I am currently a part of the SherpaDesk experience team. I handle pretty much anything that involves our application. I have loved interacting with people ever since I was in diapers. … Continued

The #SherpaUpdate lineup


We had a #SherpaUpdate this past weekend 3/31/2014   Happy opening season folks!  We’re baseball fans here at SherpaDesk, well maybe not Jon.  Listed are some of the the highlights from this past weekend’s update.  They include some updates to the … Continued

Please Do Not Respond to This Message

Maybe this is just me. I can’t stand it when I get a ‘call to action’ type email and I am unable to reply. Why not? In fact, I don’t get ANY option to contact them.  I am only asked … Continued

Don’t Lose the Chance to Be Cool


  We are engineers by trade.  This inherently makes us uncool and we aren’t going to try convince anyone otherwise. Internally, most of our conversations gravitate towards code and features. We love doing product development and often communicate in geek speak. … Continued

SherpaDesk Tote Update


We have recently updated our new mobile application Tote. The first noticeable change is the dashboard on login. Now you have the ability to get a snapshot of all your assigned tickets either as a technician or as an end … Continued

1 Out of 4 Start-Ups Fail


We made it. Now we need a mission statement.   25% of new start-ups fail in their first year. We are officially into our sophmore year as a new company and we have learned a lot.  We are now coming up for … Continued

4 Things We Learned in a New Startup


It’s been a quite the year for us. We launched SherpaDesk back on 12/12/12 at 12:12.   We started with the idea of creating the best customer service solution to track support issues, easily allow for billable time and then quickly … Continued